Rename cassandra keyspace

Cassandra don’t allow renaming keyspaces. In reality, need to rename a keyspace rarely happens. It happened to me only once so far. But when you need to do it, there is no easy way to do.

Cassandra gives copy command which can be used to copy data as CSV and import that into another keyspace. But keyspace and table schema has to be created before using copy command.

I have created a small utility which will use the copy command provided by cassandra and automate keyspace and table schema creation.

This works for small data sets. I haven’t tested with really huge tables.

require 'fileutils'
require 'tmpdir'
require 'optparse'

options = {} do |opts|
  opts.banner =  "usage: rename_keyspace --from <current-name> --to <new-name>"

  opts.on("--from=name", "Current keyspace name") do |name|
    options[:from] = name
  opts.on("--to=name", "New keyspace name") do |name|
    options[:to] = name

  opts.on("--verbose", "Verbose output") do |v|
    options[:verbose] = v


if options[:from] == nil or options[:to] == nil
  puts "from and to expected"

dir = Dir.mktmpdir # temp working dir

from = options[:from]
to = options[:to]
keyspace_cmd_file = File.join(dir, "target_keyspace.cql")
keyspace_cmd =  `cqlsh -e "describe #{from};"`.gsub("KEYSPACE #{from}", "KEYSPACE #{to}").gsub("#{from}\.", "#{to}\.")
File.write(keyspace_cmd_file, keyspace_cmd)

puts "create keyspace: #{to} and tables"
output = `cqlsh -f #{keyspace_cmd_file}`
puts output if options[:verbose]

puts "exporting data from #{options[:from]}"
tables = `cqlsh -e "use #{options[:from]}; describe tables;"`.split(" ")
tables.each do |table|
  full_path = File.join(dir, options[:from], "#{table}.csv")
  puts "Exporting #{options[:from]}.#{table} > #{full_path}"
  output = `cqlsh -e "copy  #{options[:from]}.#{table} to '#{full_path}'"`
  puts output if options[:verbose]

  puts "copy #{from}.#{table} to #{to}.#{table}"
  output = `cqlsh -e "copy  #{options[:to]}.#{table} from '#{full_path}'"`
  puts output if options[:verbose]

Here is a Gist on Github.

To rename keyspace keyspace1 to keyspace2:

./ rename_keyspace.rb --from keyspace1 --to keyspace2

This utility will look at the structure of keyspace1 and create keyspace2 with the same structure, replication strategy and table schema. It will move data from all tables to the new keyspace.

This script won’t delete the old keyspace for safety reasons.

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