Hiding menu when clicking outside - AngularJS

Assume you have a menu which looks like the following:

<div class="right-menu" ng-click="toggleMenu($event);">
  <img src="img/RightMenuIcon.png" alt="" />

<div ng-show="menuOpened" class="menu-dropdown-right">
    <li ng-hide="loggedIn" class="class"><a href="#/authenticate">Login</a>
    <li ng-show="loggedIn"  ng-click="logOut()"><a href="#">Logout</a>

When the div gets a click event, angular calls toggleMenu which toggles the menuOpened variable. Changing the value of this variable in turn makes the div show/hide.

To hide the menu when clicking outside of the div, we add a onclick handler to window object which checks the menuOpened variable and updates it if the menu is visible.

Here is the code for MenuCtrl and the onclick handler:

angularApp.controller('MenuCtrl', ['$scope', '$location', '$rootScope',

  function($scope, $location, $rootScope) {

		$scope.menuOpened = false;

		$scope.toggleMenu = function(event) {
			$scope.menuOpened = !($scope.menuOpened);

      // Important part in the implementation
      // Stopping event propagation means window.onclick won't get called when someone clicks
      // on the menu div. Without this, menu will be hidden immediately

		window.onclick = function() {
			if ($scope.menuOpened) {
				$scope.menuOpened = false;

        // You should let angular know about the update that you have made, so that it can refresh the UI
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